Temporary Boarding

Occasionally a great dog comes along but due to our limited space we need to turn the dog away. Recently Rottie Nation partnered with a local boarding facility who gives us great discounted rates for boarding. We want to utilize this boarding facility in special circumstances when we are at capacity and a great dog needs a rescue to save them. With your help we can save more dogs by using this temporary boarding facility while we wait for an opening in our rescue network. Please consider donating today so we can save as many dogs as possible.


A foster home is a caring and dedicated home where a dog is evaluated, brought back to health if necessary, trained, and given loving care. Fosters are very special people, giving their time and a caring environment to dogs awaiting permanent homes. Our foster volunteers will be sent additional information once they submit a Foster Home Application. By submitting a Foster Home Application you agree to all of the following:

  • Foster home should be experienced in the basic care and handling of the type of animal to be fostered.

  • Foster home should be qualified and have adequate resources and experience to provide for the medical and are requirements of the animal.

  • Foster home should have the space to separate/confine foster animals from other animals in the home.

  • Foster home will contact Rottie Nation staff or other designate for permission before taking a foster animal to a veterinarian.

  • Foster homes will keep detailed records of any medical treatments and care given to the foster animal.

  • All foster home current resident pet(s) must have up-to-date vaccinations.

  • If the foster home resident pet(s) contracts a disease or is injured by a foster animal, Rottie  Nation will not be liable for any expenses associated with the foster home pet(s).

  • If the foster animal becomes lost or runs away, the foster home must immediately contact Rottie Nation, the local police department and animal control agency.

  • Rottie Nation has the right to inspect the foster home or to request the return of any foster animal(s) at any time for any reason.

  • Foster animals will be assigned to foster homes at the discretion of the Rottie Nation staff.

  • The Foster home will sign the Rottie Nation Foster Home Agreement before taking any foster animal.

  • This application and all paperwork regarding fostering Rottie Nation Rottweilers is the sole property of Rottie Nation, Inc.


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