Rottie Nation


By submitting an Adoption Application to Rottie Nation, Inc you agree to all of the following:

Our Rottweilers are placed into family situations only.

Before you fill out an application please be sure that rescue is the option you choose to add an addition to your family. Please don't use our time to take you through the process only to tell us you've changed your mind or you bought a puppy etc. We would like our volunteers to focus their efforts and time on those applications that are serious in helping a rescued Rottweiler. This is not a first come/first serve procedure as we take great care in matching our dogs to prospective homes.

All applicants are contacted via email once the application is received. Please check your email frequently for our response to your application.

Applicants must be 21 years of age to adopt a dog from Rottie Nation, RNRR.

Insurance: Please note that some insurance companies may cancel your homeowner's insurance if you own a Rottweiler, Pit bull or Doberman. It is the responsibility of the adopter to check with their agent prior to adopting one of these breeds to make sure doing so will not adversely affect their policy.

Donation Fee: Unless otherwise noted on the Release and Indemnity Agreement, a donation of $0 to $400 (based on the age of the dog) is expected upon the date you adopt your Rottweiler.  (We accept personal checks, money orders, cash or PayPal). Donations are tax-deductible*. All Rottweilers are temperament tested by our volunteers and their health and temperament monitored prior to placement. We do not knowingly place aggressive dogs or dogs with bite incidents.

After adoption, copies of all available records will be provided to the family via email or fax. All dogs are spayed or neutered prior to placement unless special circumstances exist. All dogs are current on their vaccinations, tested for heartworm and are on a monthly preventative. An adoption contract is required when the animal is placed.

​Animals adopted through Rottie Nation, Inc are not warranted for health or behavior/temperament. Dogs undergoing medical treatment at the time of adoption will be released only with a medical waiver.

All family members are required to meet adoption candidates to ensure the best possible match of dog to its family members.

We prefer that our dogs go to homes with securely fenced yards. Whether you live in the city or in the country, no dog can be safely left to run "free" without your direct supervision and control. The price of such "freedom" is inevitably injury or death: from automobiles, from Animal Control, or from justifiably irate neighbors. Like other working breeds, Rottweilers have an inherited instinct to herd. The unfenced country Rottweiler will sooner or later discover the neighbor's livestock. Many state laws allow a livestock owner to kill any dog chasing or "worrying" his stock, or "running" deer on his property, and livestock owners are quick to act on this right. The unfenced city Rottweiler may exercise his herding instinct on joggers, bicyclists and automobiles. An unfenced Rottweiler is always destined for disaster. If your yard is not fenced, we will require the dog to be on lead at all times.

Rottie Nation, Inc is under NO obligation to adopt an animal to any individual. If your application is rejected, we do not give the reasons why. 

Please be advised that we are volunteers. We will make every effort to process applications and return phone calls immediately, this may not always happen. Please, be patient with us. Emergency medical calls and calls about the safety of our animals take priority. Application processing time averages 1 day to 2 weeks depending on the volume of applications received.

Adoption fees

  • Puppies: 8 weeks to 6 months, $400
  • Young: 7 months to 2 year, $250
  • Adults: $225
  • Seniors: Over 9 years are free adoptions

How does your adoption donation help Rottie Nation Rottweiler Rescue?

1. All of our dogs are spayed/neutered and up to date on all age-appropriate vaccinations prior to adoption unless noted on Release and Indemnity Agreement.
​​2. ​Heart worm treatment is provided if warranted.
​3. ​​All dogs are Micro chipped and registered to Rottie Nation, Inc. .
Rottie Nation - Rottweiler Rescue phone: 772-222-7688 fax: 239-352-0536